Thursday, December 16, 2010

Running Out of Christmas Gift Ideas?

With only a few more shopping days left until Christmas, you might find yourself running around town trying to find the right gifts for your loved ones. Look no further. The perfect gifts are available with the click of a button through Ebay. Here's a few gift ideas for your hard to please relatives.

Grandma is always wearing jewelry, right? Why not pick her out something that will match with her newest Christmas sweater and go with the green beetle brooch, available for only $25 bucks and includes free shipping.

Nothing says "I Love You Gram" like a dead, fossilized bug with a pin glued to its ass.

Next on our list is the all important teacher gift. Forget buying your child's teacher a silly, practical old gift card. Go for something unique and different like the "ghost" shell found off the coast of Cape Cod over the summer.

The seller points out that there is a hole on the top and the shell can be strung and worn like a necklace. Friends convinced him to sell the shell on Ebay because it was so interesting.

If you win the bid, total cost will be around 5 bucks and that includes expedited shipping just in time for Christmas.

Teachers love weird gifts and your child will stand out among their peers with such a thoughtful, nature inspired gift.

Not sure what to buy for your sister this year? Why not a beautiful pair of genuine moose poop earrings. Moose poop jewelry is very popular this year and this pair of earrings is on sale at a buy it now price of 10.99.

The buyer assures us that there is definitely no smell and that there is little else to do in Maine in the winter than collect moose poop and polyurethane it.

Love you, sis!

Along the same vein is another totally practical gift we found while perusing Ebay. Perfect for your boss is the "maybe it's a paperweight" solidified turtle poop. For only 16.99 plus shipping you can buy your boss a unique piece of poop that is in the shape of a poodle. How cool is that?

*Note to buyers: There is plenty of turtle poop to go around on Ebay for all those interested in buying someone a pice of poop for Christmas.

Still at a loss for what to buy your special someone?

Has your girlfriend hinted that she wants a "rock" to solidify your relationship? One seller on Ebay has just the solution for you, it's the heart shaped rock that is so beautiful and made of genuine, well, rock.

Weighing in at 12 ounces, and about four inches tall, this rock can be yours for only $15 at the buy it now price. With free shipping, this gift might just rock your girlfriend's world.

Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year, now get off of Facebook and head on over to Ebay to start shopping!

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