Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jobs that Are More Suitable for Sarah Palin than Running for Political Office

Uh, huh, kidding. Can I have my gun back now?
Sarah Palin, 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska may be in a bit over her gun slinging, vocabularly abusing head as she plans to make a bid for office in the 2012 Presidential Election.

We've come up with a list of jobs that we believe are more suited to Sarah Palin and her talents that she has displayed in the media.
A Rodeo Clown

Run Forrest, Run.

With her ability to cause a distraction and avoid the important questions, we think that Sarah Palin would make a perfect rodeo clown. Used to getting dirty and putting on a lot of makeup, Sarah may find that this job is easier than the political circus she tries to be an intelligent member of.

A Walmart Greeter

Welcome to Walmart, How may I insult you?

Although Sarah Palin has all of her teeth, her smiling personality makes her perfect for a job as a Walmart Greeter. She might even prosper as a floater in the store, managing the sport and fishing department when she has some spare time.
"Welcome to Walmart" sounds much better in her annoying voice than "Welcome to the Whitehouse".

Clue Writer for Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is always looking for a few good Know-It-Alls to help create further editions of their popular board game. Don't misunderestimate Sarah Palin here. She's all wee-wee'd up and will refudiate any of the naysayers.

Alaskan Tour Guide

This thing F-ing smells.

We all know that she loves Alaska, although she may have to be reminded that it is North of the 48 contiguous United States and not down by the equator. She can fish, hunt and look good in a uniform. Stay in Alaska, we say, the tourism industry needs you.

Other jobs that made our honorable mention list include a replacement for Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune, a boat anchor, A Talk Show Host, a Ballot Counter in Dade County, Florida and a Geography Teacher.
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