Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Drew Carey

My brother in law always gets stopped and asked for his autograph.  We finally figured out why.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift? Ebay has just what you need for this holiday season.

Nothing says I love you like a set of soft, furry, cuddly.....

Kangaroo Balls.  For only $39.99, you can buy this gift for your spouse, your boss, or even your child's teacher.  With the keychain attached, it is easy to play with the furry balls, even while driving.  Get your own balls out of your wife's purse and give her a set of her own.

Made out of vinyl, upholstery and fake fur, this next gift will match almost any outfit.

Described as a "sexy tote bag", this cool gift can be yours for only $45 and you'll now be one of the cool kids with your very own original tote bag.  We're sitting here thinking that this might just be a perfect gift for the grandma in your life who has everything.  She might use it as a potholder or a toilet paper holder, but it is the thought that counts.

If you don't like the first bag, this one is also available:

If you have a little one in your life who loves stuffed animals....

Well, aren't these just adorable?

So cute and so lifelike, your child will love to play with these soft little birdies for hours.  Oh, wait, they ARE real.  Described as "from farm raised, (captive bred) 'which' natural death."  Sure, five little ducklings, healthy as can be all died at the same time at the same time.  So this one isn't very funny, it's just kind of sick.

On a lighter note, here's an affordable gift.  We're thinking secret santa?

For only .99 cents, probably one of the best bargains on Ebay today.  We can't imagine how someone was creative enough to come up with the bright idea.  For the next time the power goes out and you can't find a flashlight.

Sorry, couldn't resist.  This seller has another gem for sale:

We can only imagine the conversations going on in their house.  "Honey, where are all my clothespins?", "I'm going to make us a mint, shhh".

For the one in your life that is always telling jokes, this gift could be just the one.

At a price of $7 and $4.95 for economy shipping, some fake traffic tickets will keep a practical joker busy for hours.  We think they would be better the payment address on the tickets could be personalized (why not make a few hundred bucks in the process?)

Breakfast cereal isn't just for breakfast anymore.  Meet Wilbur, the authentic Kellogg's cornflake.

With free express shipping, this official piece of Kellogg's cereal is available for $499.  You've read it right, only four hundred and ninety nine dollars.  A bargain for the Kellogg's cereal lover.  The seller has even named this "pig" Wilbur.  We're wondering how he ever came up with such a unique name for a pig. 

So, there you go.  Forget Oprah and all her favorite things list.  Here's our favorite gift giving ideas straight from the auctions at Ebay.  Happy Bidding!