Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Humor: Doctors Going to Church

On Monday morning, after a three day weekend, a group of medical professionals were sitting around discussing religion. Many of the professionals had attended church with their spouses, one of the few times a year they attend mass. When asked how church went, they replied as follows:

Podiatrist: “I felt like a heel. I hadn’t been in church since last Easter and I thought the mass was corny.”

Psychiatrist: “The little blue pill, medium white pill combination kept me from screaming ‘hurry up, we’re having ham!’”

Gynecologist: “Many women claim to be virgins. It’s simply not possible to be a virgin mother. Trust me, I’ve seen it all.”

Proctologist: “My wife was a pain in the ass, I told her I wasn’t up for it.”

Medical Examiner: “Lacerations to the chest, puncture wounds on both palms and feet, superficial cuts on the head.”

Dentist: “A few hits of laughing gas and I was on my way.”

Optomotrist: “I-N-R-I”.

Orthopedist: “The benches were not ergonomically designed.”

Chiropractor: “The whole idea of going to church cracked me up. When I go to church I feel out of place.”

Orthodontist: “I braced myself when I walked in the door”.

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